Muslim Ink

July 2014

HAVE you ever browsed through magazines at a newsstand, taking in celebrity covers, political propaganda, inappropriate nudity and media sensationalism and wished that there was a quality magazine for Muslims that addresses contemporary issues of faith, keeps you informed of current events, trends and international news, and most importantly, provides a much-needed eemaan boost in our stressful times? Your wish is about to come true, In-sha Allah! We are excited to launch Muslim Ink, a magazine for Muslims in the 21st century, which aims to improve the quality of life and faith without compromising Islamic standards. We hope to make every issue a collector’s item with articles, reminders, recipes, interviews, quotes, excerpts from classical texts and news coverage that will interest and benefit Muslims for years to come. We are living through interesting times where the absence of genuine Muslim voices in the media is felt acutely. With Muslim Ink we hope to bridge this gap, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, bringing up issues that are relevant and beneficial, steering clear of areas that are contentious and controversial and bring no benefit to the Muslim masses. Muslim Ink is a longtime dream of the editorial team that has extensive experience in the mainstream media coupled with a strong background in Islamic studies, alhamdulillah, which will be our guiding force in choosing content that is topical and beneficial, without compromising on Islamic ethics and standards of decency. We look forward to your support and participation in this project through your valued supplications for its success, suggestions, contributions, constructive criticism, comments — and subscriptions!

Featuring how Ramadan is observed around the world, recipes, health, Ramadan in history, photo-comics, news and much, much more!

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