Tinkle Tall Tales


Tinkle started as a fortnightly children’s comics magazine, in 1980. Under the guidance of Editor-Founder, Anant Pai, the brand soon evolved to embody its tag line, ‘Where Learning Meets Fun’. At that time, Tinkle was one of the first few children’s comics magazines with Indian content. Till then, children had been reading syndicated foreign comics – Archie, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician – translated into Indian languages. In Tinkle, children could read folktales from all over the world as well as stories revolving around Tinkle toons like Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Tantri the Mantri, Kalia the Crow, many of which soon evolved into icons. Over the years, newer characters have stepped into Tinkle’s pages. These include Starky and Crusty from Sea Diaries, Butterfingers and the Defective Detectives. Besides comics, the magazine also engages readers with several educational non-fiction pages including puzzles, do-it-yourself crafts, solve-it-yourself mysteries, knowledge features on a wide range of subjects, and contests. Though intended as a magazine for children between 8 and 14 years of age, Tinkle’s reader base extends far beyond. Every month, across the length and breadth of the country, families eagerly look forward to the magazine; they value it because it not only entertains their children but also enhances their knowledge. Owing to Uncle Pai’s efforts, Tinkle is also welcomed by educators and school principals, and thus holds the position of a recommended magazine for wholesome edutainment. Entertainment! Entertainment!! Entertainment!!!

Tall Tale has the cutely chaotic Butterfingers, aka Amar Sen of Green Park School, who has taken on the responsibility to cook up a jumble sale for a charity event. But putting ‘Butter’ and ‘jumble’ together is a recipe for disaster. Will everyone at the sale survive it?

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