Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly

Summer 2015

Buddhadharma offers in-depth teachings that reflect the wealth and range of Buddhist traditions, expert book reviews, and first-rate reporting on stories of special interest to Buddhists. It’s a precious resource for readers who want to deepen their understanding of Buddhist practice and philosophy.Buddhadharma is the in-depth, practice-oriented journal for everyone with a serious interest in Buddhism.It's the one place you'll find in-depth teachings from all the Buddhist traditions, presented in a way that applies directly to your practice. No matter what Buddhist path you follow, Buddhadharma offers you relevant and helpful teachings in every issue.

Features: Wake Up from the Dream of a Lifetime Andrew Holecek on the Vajrayana techniques of dream yoga Don’t Strip It All Away Zen nun Gesshin Greenwood reflects on the value of tradition in contemporary Zen Form vs Essence Five Buddhist teachers explore the tension many of us feel between ritual and the essence of the dharma Thanissara: A Fine Line John Daido Loori: The Dharma Must Be Danced Shinshu Roberts: Just Bow Anyway Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche: Don’t Be Naive Tulku Thondup Rinpoche: Stepping-stones to Wisdom Look Beyond the Lens Kodo Sawaki Roshi’s commentary on the classic poem The Song of Awakening. Plus: Shohaku Okumura recounts Sawaki’s uncompromising approach to the dharma Forum | Koans: How We Work with Them and How They Work on Us Joan Sutherland, Judy Roitman, and Bodhin Kjolhede examine the practice of koan introspection. Introduction by Ross Bolleter The Spirit of Practice Ajahn Munindo explores how we can get attached to the technique of meditation and lose touch with its spirit Ruth’s Uncompromising Way Nina Wise remembers Ruth Denison, a pioneer of vipassana who passed away in February 2015

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