Global Aviator - South Africa - June 2018

Flying & Aviation, Lifestyle
• SAA accidents from 1937 - 1987
• Changes in Store for Pilots during 2013
• Batteries can fly - dreamliners cannot
• The value of a good CRM
• Final data from Red Bull Stratos freefall.
• USS Harry S Truman - Multifunctional taskforce in the Arabian sea
• Handover of Botswana Defence Force PC-7 MkII
• Nigel Hopkins - Aerobatics and Airliners do go
• Denel Pilots spread their wings into Africa
• The growing potential of Russian Helicopters in Latin America
• Snake on a plane!
• The anmanned problem
• Airborne Insurance and Aircraft Finance Coporation Student of the year award
• Rolls Royce Trent 1000 visited
• Gulfstream G280 sets 15 new city-pair speed records as part of the reliability demonstration program

And lots more!!

In this issue: We test fly the Cessna Grand Caravan EX, The future of aviation exists on the blockchain, The MQ-25, Boeings's new unmanned aircraft, New long range airline to come our of Asia, Pilatus writes another chapter in its success story, Affordable small business jets, Joining the airline word (part 1), Bush flying in Africa, Helicopter trends for 2018, Low-level helicopter manoeuvering, The Pilatus PC-21 and Pilot Training, Dreadnought-class submarine - Britan's first nuclear sub, Cast in Steel, Dornier DO X 12-engien Jumbo, X-Cub flight test, More Electric and lots of news from around the world

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Special Issue - October 2017

Special Issue - October 2017
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