PASSPORT Magazine - February 2018

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As the leading Travel + Lifestyle magazine for the international gay community, PASSPORT magazine is an entertaining, informative, and contemporary publication that covers everything from Travel, Culture, and Style to Adventure and Romance.

PASSPORT magazine is the insider’s guide to enjoying life to the fullest. Pack you bags and join us for a VIP tour of the most unique and exciting places in the world. From Las Vegas to London, Bora Bora to Buenos Aires, we provide what you need to have the best time of your life—wherever you go.

As savvy connoisseurs of all the good things in life, our writers travel the world and experience the destinations that gay people love. Whether they’re writing about the best hotels, exotic and delectable food, or the hidden gems that make each locale special, they provide our readers with original, passionate content in every issue of PASSPORT magazine!

Whatever you want to do, and wherever you want to go, you’ll find the resources and inspiration you need in PASSPORT magazine. Our content is comprehensive and personal, our photos stunning and provocative, and our goal is help you live your life to the fullest every day.

Bon Voyage
Schoene Reise
Buen Viaje
Boa Viagem

Happy Travels to everyone from Team Passport!

In this issue of Passport magazine, we traveled the world in search of romantic experiences that combine art, adventure, natural wonders, and culinary delights. Pack your bags for Ho Chi Minh City; Head for Japan and join us on the Nakasendo Way; Come with us as we cruise along the Loire, the longest river in France, aboard Croisi Europe’s Loire Princes; Get up close and personal with Laurent Brunner, who many say has a dream job as the director of performances and spectacles at the Palace of Versailles; Eat your way through some of the most innovative and delectable restaurants in Vancouver, Canada; and meet our insider guide to Key West, Florida, Serena Fackos from NYAH (Not Your Average Hotel) who fills us in on all the exclusive, over-the-top parties, events, and spectacular things to see and do on this island paradise. Bon Voyage!

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