Iron Man Magazine - September 2017

Health, Men's Interest
Iron Man delivers the facts on weight training, nutrition, muscle building, fat burning, sports supplementation, injury prevention and general health and fitness. Iron Man's very first issue was printed in 1936, and it has evolved into the world's most authoritative and respected bodybuilding magazine with a lifestyle approach for mind, body and character development. Practical how-to information is the cornerstone of Iron Man, with training and nutrition research and inspiring stories and images included to help everyone achieve their health, fitness and body-transformation goals.

For most people, September signifies the end of summer, which also means the end of their commitment in the gym for many months. When the average person isn't so worried about their beach body, they tend to stop spending time working out and watching what they eat. But you're not average, are you? Certainly not! Another above average person is this issue's cover guy: Danny Hester. He is a story of success through hard work and commitment in every aspect of life. This issue also features our Hard Body star Lindsay Christiansen who's a mom, trainer, yogi, fitness star and all-around inspiration for anyone who wants more out of life. We know this issue will help you on your way to getting everything you want out of life in and out of the gym. Here's where you can get started!