ARTnews - Spring 2017

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The most widely circulated and award-winning publication in its field, ARTnews covers all art, from the ancient to the cutting edge. It provides behind-the-scenes access to galleries, museums, auction houses, and artists' studios. With profiles of artists and collectors, reviews of gallery and museum exhibitions, news dispatches from a worldwide network of correspondents, and hard-hitting investigative reporting, ARTnews offers lively and comprehensive coverage of the people, places, events, and institutions shaping the international culture scene.

“The Underrated Issue” takes a detailed, nuanced look at artists who are revered by curators, critics, and fellow artists but still under-appreciated in the broader art world. Hilarie M. Sheets asks experts to name their favorite under-sung figures, Barbara Pollack looks at how superstar artists are helping to revive the careers of some of their more obscure heroes, Maximilíano Duron profiles Judith F. Baca, Alex Greenberger speaks with Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Greg Allen tells the story of the forgotten Pop figure Aaaron Kuriloff. Plus, Nate Freeman looks at the how the art industry is dealing with collector Ivanka Trump now that her father is in the White House and Andrew Russeth writes about Florine Stettheimer. Plus, an interview with Jordan Wolfson about his wild new VR project and reviews from around the world.

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