Food & Travel - August - Septemeber 2017

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Food & Travel magazine is the ultimate guide to cooking, dining and travelling. It is an inspiring food magazine for modern foodies who love to cook, dine and travel. In every issue there are easy, seasonal recipes plus features on the best restaurants in town and travel guides to the world’s most exciting foodie destinations. food&travel; showcases easy and reliable recipes with gorgeous photography and stylish layouts. The magazine also gets up close with chefs in masterclasses to teach readers how to cook like a pro. It provides informative features on ingredients, kitchenware and pantry essentials to help keep your kitchen well stocked and well prepared.

In light of our nation’s 52nd birthday, we’ve dedicated a large part of this issue to appreciating local flavours.
If you’d like to take your family out for a celebration, we’ve put together a list of restaurants that will be offering special National Day dishes. Or if you fancy it, celebrate with a mod-sin menu at home. The executive chef of Ding Dong Miller Mai has created a handful of local inspired dishes with a modern twist such as Sambal Baked Eggs, Grilled Coconut Spice Chicken, Red Snapper Laksa, Curry Wagyu Beef, and more.
If you’re looking for travel inspiration, don't miss our travel suggestions from page 88 onwards, which cover Perth’s Swan Valley, Bangkok, and Switzerland.

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