Asian Diver - Issue 04 - 2017

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For the serious diver who understands the challenging lure of the deep sea, Asian Diver has become known around the world for its penetrating and unique insights into the world's richest dive regions, featured against breathtaking underwater photography. Read Asian Diver and join a community committed to preserving and growing the sport we love so dearly.

Wrecks are enigmatic, revered, and sometimes dangerous. Yet they can be found in abundance: It is estimated that there are around three million wrecks underwater. But for the majority of the population, these treasure troves remain hidden beneath the waves.

With Asia being a hotspot in the theatre of World War II, its waters host a plethora of historical wrecks waiting to be explored. While some are the result of a rich history, others are purposefully-sunk as artificial reefs. Either way, these wrecks have now become home to the ocean’s creatures, sustaining new life when all was dead.