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I was recently asked to write about how I see food culture today. The website,, was founded by a friend and aims to gather like-minded people who promote a better, more eco-friendly way of life. While I don’t consider myself an eco-warrior, doing small things in support of those who are is a step. I’d like to share my thoughts on what I know a little bit about – food.
Why has food become such a “thing”? Why did a video of some guy sprinkling salt over meat become viral?
When did we all become such foodies? Is this a fad or a more lasting part of our culture? Here’s an excerpt from my article for “In an age when information is shared and experiences are broadcast for everyone (at least to one’s online friends/followers) to see, food has become such a large part of our lives. Unlike decades ago when good eats were just part of conversations and pictures of food were left to people’s imaginations, the food of today is often photographed and shared even before the first bite.
Why is food such a big part of our daily social lives? What used to be consumed for plain sustenance or at most as a part of celebrations has now become part of social currency. Dining in the “it” places, the newest foreign franchise resto or just snapping pictures of your dolled-up ulam for lunch seems to take up a sizeable chunk of our social media selves. People tend to gauge others on where or what they eat. Even travel photos on social media seem to be more food than sights nowadays.
One reason I find is that food remains one of the few affordable luxuries we can occasionally indulge in. As the prices of everything go up and up, food remains one of the things that we can still afford. Imagine you are an ordinary employee, making a decent living. Unlike in the 20th century when every working person could afford a simple home and maybe a car, today’s regular salaried adult would find it difficult to purchase one, let alone both.

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