COOK MAGAZINE - December 2017

Cooking, Lifestyle
Being the oldest monthly culinary magazine in the Philippines, Cook Magazine continues to evolve and adapt to the interests and demands of our readers and supporters. We at Cook Magazine pride ourselves with providing our readers and advertisers practical, kitchen-tested recipes from our country’s top chefs and food experts, local and international dining destinations and food-related features and event partnerships. We look forward to leading the way in sharing our love of food for years to come.

While everyone’s busy dodging the horrific traffic and the maddening crowds in the malls, we’ve also been busy at Cook. Apart from our normal food finds, restaurant reviews and road trips, we also held our annual Cook Holiday Bash towards the end of last month.
But no matter how little time we have to stop and smell the flowers, Christmas will always be the most special time of year for me. It always brings back memories of how much fun I had as a child and now that I’m a dad, the toddler years of my son which seems like ages ago now that he’s in his teens.
A huge part of my holiday memories involve food of course. While my mom, aunts and grandparents don’t really cook, they’ve made ordering, requesting and buying food into an art. We’d always have whole leg hams, lengua, turkey along with simple Bulacan Noche Buena fare like dinuguan and puto or goto. Come Christmas Day, we then head over to my mom’s side in Laguna where we’d have an assortment of dishes prepared by my mom’s sisters and sistersin-law. While the food in Calamba rarely follows a set theme, the food is always good and the sheer number of relatives gathered makes the day even more festive.
We at Cook would like to share our favorite holiday recipes for you to enjoy. We’ve even thought of how to make use of the leftovers, something we all have a lot of this season.
On the cover is a spread of dishes I created for Mekeni Food Corporation. The story of how the Garcia family of Porac, Pampanga literally rose from the ashes of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption to the large food processor they are today serves as a reminder of how a family can accomplish anything together, no matter the odds. Their inspiring success story and how humble they’ve remained is something every Filipino family can try to emulate.
Let’s all try to make this holiday season as meaningful as we can. Let’s minimize waste and try to give as much as we can to those who need it most. Have a blessed yuletide season!