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Being the oldest monthly culinary magazine in the Philippines, Cook Magazine continues to evolve and adapt to the interests and demands of our readers and supporters. We at Cook Magazine pride ourselves with providing our readers and advertisers practical, kitchen-tested recipes from our country’s top chefs and food experts, local and international dining destinations and food-related features and event partnerships. We look forward to leading the way in sharing our love of food for years to come.

This month’s theme is sous vide cooking, or cooking under vacuum. This isn’t exactly brand new tech, as it has been around for at least a decade but widespread usage has only picked up quite recently with the availability of inexpensive equipment meant for home use.
What used to cost in the tens of thousands can now be bought for under five. And with the new models being simple and straightforward to use, it has become a necessity for serious foodies.
To those unfamiliar with cooking sous vide, it simply uses plastic bags to contain whatever you’re cooking, vacuum-sealed and submerged in an accurate temperature controlled water bath. The result is food cooked to the ideal temperature, without the risk of overcooking and with perfect results each time. Edge to edge perfectly done steaks, roasts and fish are now as easy as 1,2,3.
Fall-off-the-bone braised meats, cooked low and slow (slow as in 2 or more days) with the accompanying vegetables still maintaining their shape and texture after 2 days of cooking is nothing short of a miracle.
With all the advantages sous vide cooking has, it wasn’t until I tried an impossibly tender and uniformly pink loin of lamb was I convinced. The price drop on immersion circulators (the apparatus that maintains cooking temperature) also helped me make the leap.
Admittedly, sous vide cooking works wonders for food that needs a specific level of undercooking (steaks, seafood, roast beef) but isn’t as necessary or practical for items that need to be fully cooked like chicken and braised meats.
Cooking, just like life can use a bit of a change once in a while. To those of you who like me, are quite stubborn and resistant to change and all things new, I suggest stepping out of your comfort zone occasionally. Try everything at least once and keep an open mind. I’m glad I did and because of it, days of guessing and overcooked steaks are a thing of the past!

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