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Breakfast Magazine is your ultimate food and lifestyle magazine. The first and only magazine that does not only celebrate food but more importantly provides a holistic experience for its readers by celebrating the people behind the continuously growing food industry.

Thus, Breakfast provides not only the easiest and most affordable recipes but also satisfies your mind with stories from inspiring personalities. Moreover, every reader's experience will be taken to a whole different level because Breakfast will not only serve you with appetizing treats and interesting articles but more importantly, it provides your every need because YOU are IMPORTANT.

It’s that time of the year when the scent of flowers and chocolates fill the air. The season of love is finally here!

And as we celebrate our 6th year, we made sure that your hearts (and tummies) will be full of love and warmth. Let's make a toast to long-lasting bonds and friendships with recipes you can easily whip up for your loved ones--be it for dads, moms, grannies, lovers, friends, and even pets! For some gastronomical inspiration, we sat down with Chef Miko Aspiras and talked about what makes his creative juices tick, and witness his magic by turning your Valentine bouquet into chocolates! We uncover more chocolate stories with Auro--one of the newest players in the local industry and how it has proven to be a promising addition to the roster. Finally, the night is still young to take the ones you love out for a nice treat. So we divide our top picks perfect for your date night.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, browse through our pages, and fall in love all over again with our February-March Anniversary Issue. We're more than happy to share this moment with you!

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