Breakfast Magazine - April - May 2018

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Breakfast Magazine is your ultimate food and lifestyle magazine. The first and only magazine that does not only celebrate food but more importantly provides a holistic experience for its readers by celebrating the people behind the continuously growing food industry.

Thus, Breakfast provides not only the easiest and most affordable recipes but also satisfies your mind with stories from inspiring personalities. Moreover, every reader's experience will be taken to a whole different level because Breakfast will not only serve you with appetizing treats and interesting articles but more importantly, it provides your every need because YOU are IMPORTANT.

Are you ready for The Ultimate Cook-Off?

Stay put and be set! Because this issue, we challenged 8 chefs to create a remarkable 3-course meal! Sounds simple? Here's the catch—all recipes, from appetizer, to main dish, to dessert are just about a single ingredient. From the cult favorite avocado (p. 6) to the distinct flavors of tamarind (p. 38), you'll surely be amazed how our featured chefs' unveiled their remarkable artistry and inventiveness. If that ain't enough, Chef Sau del Rosario is back to grace our pages to talk about the trials he had undergone throughout his career, and the lessons he's taken from them (p.44). We also sat down with Chef William Mahi as he introduces the concept of "fun dining" with 210 Degrees Kitchen + Drinkery (p. 54). This issue is also about defying the ordinary, as we take a closer look into the non-traditional Sushi Nori (p.66), and a round-up of restaurants who dared to make a difference in the local gastronomic scene (p. 72) to top it all off.

So what are you waiting for? Grab our April-May 2018 issue, now out in leading bookstores!

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