BBC Knowledge - April 2018

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BBC Knowledge is a magazine for young inquisitive minds where well-researched, handpicked stories are matched with breath-taking visuals to cover science, history and nature. Written by renowned International and Indian experts, its wide range of features provides riveting and up-to-date information on topics as varied as technology, archaeology, natural history and space exploration. With material meant to stimulate the mind, BBC Knowledge looks to empower a generation of young readers.

The future's bright, the future is dazzling. Particularly in this issue of BBC Knowledge... Mission into the Sun, our cover story, tells of how two different solar missions are getting set to stare down the most lustrous orb in our solar system and return to tell the story. The other future-forward feature, Where’s My Flying Car?, puts down new timelines on innovations that are only just coming into their own, while Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain details the fascinating advances that can be expected as scientists work with mini-brains in lab dishes. This issue, we also bring you innovations unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2018, and there’s a great story on The Science of Fighting Fat as well, which takes a long, hard look at the different diets going around as well as offers practical tips on losing weight. Looking into the past, What if the Dinosaurs had Survived? speculates that the world would have been a very different place if dinosaurs had not been wiped out in a mass extinction all those millions of years ago, while The Nuclear Pioneer who Escaped the Nazis lays out the story of Lise Meitner, whose contribution is valued even today. There is also, of course, the Devdutt Pattanaik special that explores the Serpent Lore of India, and all our other interesting regulars to keep you engrossed.We predict the the future of your reading is looking bright...

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