Verve - April 2018

Lifestyle, Women's Interest
Going towards its 20th year now, Verve has been at the vanguard of the lifestyle industry in India since its inception. Being India's first fashion and luxury monthly and targeted as the spirit of today’s woman, it celebrates the interests of the multifaceted contemporary global Indian, including fashion,beauty and style, glamour, arts and culture, travel and wellness. The editor and publisher, Anuradha Mahindra, has received top billing in Avenue Asia's list of Indians involved in the media.

More than just a magazine that reports and interprets, Verve is a catalyst for conversations around contemporary Indian culture in the world, and these conversations take place between the pages of the magazine, on the internet as well as through several Verve-organized offline event initiatives:

Verve is a magazine about the international Indian woman who rubs shoulders with the world with confidence and élan. She belongs to a high-income group and is well aware of the latest trends and styles, be it in fashion, the arts, cuisine or world events. Verve appeals to the intelligent, urbane, educated and affluent woman. She would be 25 years of age and above. She is likely to be an independent entrepreneur or a corporate professional or a socialite. She is well-travelled, fashion conscious and appreciates luxury with a side to her that is culturally sensitive with aesthetic sensibilities. Overall a multi-faceted, stylish and glamorous woman. All in all, the Verve reader looks upon the magazine as an invaluable lifestyle resource for the best in contemporary urban Indian living.

When we began ideating for our annual fashion issue we decided to focus on the many factors that influence the industry, such as art, commerce, and the evolving identity of the consumer -- and how they play an important role in shaping the collective aesthetic that eventually defines eras.

Our cover girl, the newly-turned platinum Lisa Haydon — supermodel and silver screen scene-stealer — who plays her part on the national and global stage, gave us insights on how she reinvents herself in a changing world to stay ahead of the curve. Her effortless style, sassy spontaneity, and fearless opinions, seen so effectively on social media platforms, go a long way into keeping her brand viable, even after motherhood.

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Verve Palladium Supplement March 2018
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