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The Insurance Times, which has entered into its glorious 36th year of successful and regular publication in 2016, is the only authentic information source on insurance in India.

Every month, the journal covers informative articles and features on both general insurance and life insurance. Besides regular columns for brokers, bank assurance, legal, surveyor, agents, students etc; it brings you the latest and updated news of the Indian as well as overseas insurance industry.

Regular features on risk management and safety also keep you abreast of the latest risk management techniques. 

We regularly review the policies issued by life and non-life companies including comparisons of various products.

A special emphasis is given on marketing of insurance both life and general. This journal is a must for all persons connected with insurance companies, corporate bodies, brokers, banks, surveyors, agents, consultants, students, educational institutions and professionals.

The JANUARY 2018 issue brings you the latest update about the latest development in the Insurance sector in India. The issue covers the latest development in General Insurance, Life Insurance, IRDAI, Health Insurance and International market. We have covered articles focussing Impact of Healthcare Acquired Infections on Length of Stay and Treatment costs

Prof. Dr. Bharat S. Powdwal, Dr. Tulna Jaiswal, Dr. Sharvari Shukla & Dr. Biranchi Jena, Everything You Wanted to Know About Liability Insurance-Lajpat Ray Chandnani, Motor Segment: A game changer for the Non Life Insurance Industry-K. L. Naik , All you need to know about marine insurance before you opt for it! (Risk covered, demand, need, existing coverage)- Harpreet Singh

Besides the issue covers regular features and columns on various developments in Insurance Industry. Happy Reading!!