Elle Decor India - August-September 2018

THE WORLD’S LEADING HOME DECOR MAGAZINE “Turning dreams into reality” is ELLE DECOR’s philosophy. Influencing readers worldwide for sixteen years, giving them tantalising glimpses of the most stunningly original and beautiful homes, predicting and launching decor trends; we don’t just illustrate, we educate. Useful and informative, the shopping pages of ELLE DECOR are packed with tips for tracking down must-have accents, from the attractive to the unusual, with easy to follow advice coupled with ideas you can truly use. Get inspired by profiles of established, illustrious creatives as well as rising stars from the field of design and architecture world over. Every issue we focus on a different aspect of the house for an info-packed segment. We also take you through a leisure section resplendent with delectable recipes...

Transform your home into a magical paradise for your little ones. Take a tour of playful, eclectic abodes envisioned by Livin’ Colors Design and Amoeba Design, among others. Embrace the vitalising energy of Klein blue, introduce influences from the new mid-century modern era or step into an earthy sanctum featuring weathered finishes and textures accessories. Leaf through in-depth interviews with design mavericks: Takaharu Tezuka who discusses his work, Matali Crasset on a day in her busy life, Maarten Baas on Monsters for Lasvit, Fabio Novembre on his various creations, among others.

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June-July 2018

June-July 2018
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