Lace n Lingerie - July 2018

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Lace-n-Lingerie is India's pioneering and premier publication in the field of lingerie, business and fashion. What was once a taboo subject in India; Lace-n-Lingerie has handled this subject with sensitivity, panache and verve and brought style trends to the fore. More and more lingerie professionals including you and me rely on this magazine to bring a special spark in our lives. Gifting lingerie is very tricky business; you don't want your girlfriend or your beau to feel belittled where even one size small reflects your incompetence while one size too big can also reflect that you are seeing more than one. This magazine takes the guess out of the guess work and gives you easy tips to become a lingerie expert in no time and you'll be loved by women all over! Well who doesn't want to be... Read L-n-L regularly.

The July issue of Lace-n-Lingerie : Ways to extend the life of your sports bra : Sports bras, just like other garments and innerwear, need tending to, which enhances their life span. Read on to know the ways to extend the life of this all-important innerwear.
Men's premium innerwear...are other brands taking a slice of the leader, Jockey?
The premium and ultra-premium innerwear market in India has been witnessing an increasing influx of international brands. With several international brands in the fray, it seems that the leader so far, Jockey might see some tough competition. Lingerie Shop changing the attitude of Indian women for intimates
Lingerie Shop aims at breaking the stereotype in intimate wear by offering bespoke products with a serious mix of fun, sexy, fit and comfort. Managing product returns, a task for e-commerce platforms?
Online apparel is returned at much higher rates than other e-commerce items. That is why e-commerce apparel retailers are leading the way when it comes to reducing return rates. Read on more to find out how the online players manage this.
Style and Comfort for every day lingerie by Pretty Secrets
Lingerie helps define a woman's mood for the day and even build her confidence as well as empower her to achieve the unachievable. This is where Pretty Secrets' campaign RedefineBasics comes in. Blending style with comfort at endeavours to provide a one-stop shop for innerwear and comfort wear for men as well as women. My Inner World…distinctive designs and personalities for every day comfort
We profile 'My Inner World' a chain of exclusive boutique for ladies that specialises in innerwear, maternity wear and night wear from Kerala Sleek, sexy and relaxed essentials
Chill out or fall asleep in style with this range of women's sleepwear and loungewear for both men and women. We have highlighted our favourites.

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