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Geopolitics is an authoritative, independent and professional source of information about India's defence, security and diplomacy scenario. Providing a unique perspective on issues of the region, particularly with respect to security and defence, Geopolitics is a source of information and ideas for the civil-military establishment, manufacturers, academicians and the common man, who wish to make informed choices on geopolitical realties of the sub-continent.
An unputdownable monthly publication from Newsline Publications, Geopolitics provides a forum for the significant and high profile community comprising decision-makers and policy-makers involved in India's National Security to express views on a wide range of issues from international diplomacy to multilateralism to the goings-on in the defense business across the world.

The July issue of Geopolitics has an insight in US President Donald Trump's new weapon: Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). The United States wants to scuttle India's burgeoning defence ties with Russia via CAATSA. India does have a number of options to avoid its punitive sections and use the opportunity to fast-track indigenisation and become immune to such blackmail.
Despite being India's dominant arms supplier for decades, Russia finds its influence in military procurements is waning. But that does not mean that the time-tested military relationship between the two countries is under serious threats. Also, a close look at the key India-Russia defence deals. A checklist of big-ticket defence programmes details how critical Russian weapons systems are to maintain India's military primacy in the region.
The issue also finds out how our political and military leadership must employ innovative ways to meet and combat the newly evolving patterns involving non-state actors and asymmetric warfare. Plus: All the regular features

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