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India Perspectives - January-March 2018

The flagship magazine of the Ministry of External Affairs , Government of India, India Perspectives, is printed in 16 languages and goes to 170 countries, disseminating interesting information about India's rich culture and tradition. It balances a unique visual appeal with informative and interesting articles that talk about how India is embracing contemporary trends in art and lifestyle, along with the new strides being taken in the fields of science and technology and space.

The ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit, held for the first time in India on January 25, 2018, marked a historic milestone on India’s diplomatic journey with ASEAN. In this issue of India Perspectives, get a glimpse of the successful proceedings of the summit as well as the grand Republic Day celebrations, with the 10 ASEAN heads of state as its guests of honour. In our travel section, we take you to the ancient monastery of Nalanda in Bihar, its ruins harking back to its glory as the world’s first residential education hub, and re-introduce you to the vibrant hues of Holi in its many incarnations across India. We pay tribute to late actor Shashi Kapoor in our cinema section, who made his way into millions of hearts across the world, and in our food section, tell you about four native Indian superfoods that are an essential addition to your kitchen shelf this season.

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