Mehendi wedding magazine - 7th Anniversary Issue

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Mehendi - The Art of Life. This magazine is a celebration of the bride; modern yet rooted in tradition, in search of the perfect wedding. Mehendi offers a mixture of ideas, inspiration and little pearls of advice to help you in your journey from love to life.

Mehendi magazine is the dream project of its young and enterprising publisher Fayaz Salahudeen whose business roots are from one of Chennai’s most reputed wedding card company Marvel wedding cards have catered to thousands of VIP customers. As an extension to his niche clientele who include superstar Rajnikanth , Surya and Jyothika, Jeyam Ravi , Yuvan Shankar Raja to name a few.

This young entrepreneur was quick to realize the requirement for added services for his clients which was the forerunner of the Mehendi magazine. Started as a guide for not just for a fancy wedding but also for a happily ever after. This was the birth of the MEHENDI Magazine, the Art of Life. The magazine is aimed at that section of society which would include anybody of marriageable age and their families who are looking to plan their wedding. And also, young couples who can use this as a guide to various aspects of their married life.
It also caters to wedding planners who are looking for unique concepts for customized weddings and the new age brides who want to experiment in areas of fashion and trends. Mehendi aims at keeping alive the sacred rituals, customs and authenticity of traditional weddings. This does not restrict the magazine to only a particular section of society, as it is also a fun, informative and trendy read.

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Valentine Special Issue Feb 2017

 Valentine Special Issue Feb 2017
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