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Akram Youth - Mobile Addiction

Science, Young Adult
BY the Youth, OF the Youth, FOR the Youth.
Spiritual solutions and right undertanding for a happy and successful life.
Magazine by Dada Bhagwan Foundation.

What is an addiction? Any work which is unnecessary, still without control,
willingly or unwillingly, keeps going on, then it is termed as an addiction.Can't live without a particular
thing/person? Can't live without having
particular thoughts? Well, all these are
addictions! If we can't live without a
particular thing or a product then it
means that we have become slaves of
that commodity. Addiction to these
commodities can be in two ways. One
can be an addiction for toxic products
such as tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol,
drugs etc. or else one can also be
addicted towards consumption of
sweets, fried snacks, junk foods etc. If
one feels restless unless he consumes a
particular product, he has become a
slave of that particular thing. Similarly,
one may get agitated if there are no
comforts like air conditioner, lights,
fans, vehicles or other appliances
available, Even this means that we are a
slave of such comforts. Since last
decade, the mobile phone is added to
this list. We have become dependent
on mobile phone and social media for
E v e r y c o i n h a s t w o s i d e s
similarly, mobile phone has certain
advantages but it has disadvantages
too, so one needs to be alert about its
use. In this issue, let us understand in
detail the symptoms of mobile
addiction, its negative impacts, and
solutions to overcome it.

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