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Akram Youth - Enjoy what you have

Science, Young Adult
BY the Youth, OF the Youth, FOR the Youth.
Spiritual solutions and right undertanding for a happy and successful life.
Magazine by Dada Bhagwan Foundation.

A day has 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds. Can you tell me how
many minutes, or even seconds, you have remained in the 'present' today? Okay, can
you even give me a guarantee that you 'lived in' most of the moments of your day
today? The answer 'NO' is perhaps the beginning, or the first step, for you to start
living in the present. This is because you've now at least aware of not being in the
present, and it is this awareness that is required for staying in the present.
Enjoying what you have is a very important aspect of living life in today's world,
especially for youngsters. Taking things for granted is a very common mistake that
unnecessarily ruins lives, depriving them of the joy derived from the smallest things.
We have never given a thought to what we take for granted.
Why are we not able to enjoy what we have?
What are the benefits of living in the present?
In this issue, let's learn to change our attitude and enjoy what we have now, to
the fullest....
- Dimple Mehta

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