Chemistry Today - January 2018

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Chemistry Today is one among the four competitive magazines published by MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. With a readership of more than one crore readers, MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the education publishing business in India, catering to the needs of NEET, IIT and PMT aspirants. Established in 1982, the group is committed to improving the quality of science education, enhancing students' interest in science, fostering their analytical ability and, most importantly, helping thousands of young engineering and medical aspirants to become successful professionals -- their cherished dream.  
Chemistry Today supplies the essential material such as important texts, sample papers, previous years’ papers, flowcharts and memory tips required for achieving success in pre-medical and engineering exams.


Class 11
NEET | JEE Essentials: Organic Chemistry | Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Examiner’s Mind: REDOX REACTIONS
Ace Your Way CBSE: Hydrocarbons | Environmental Chemistry
MPP-9: Organic Chemistry-Some Basic | Principles and Techniques
Concept Map: Effects of Concentration Change
Class 12
Concept Map: Effects of temperature Change
NEET | JEE Essentials: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen |Biomolecules
Examiner’s Mind: Surface Chemistry
Ace Your Way CBSE: Practice Paper 2018
MPP-9: Organic Compounds |Containing Nitrogen
Competition Edge
Chemistry Musing Problem Set 54
Concept Booster: Very Impotent problems
Advanced Chemistry Bloc: Re- Reading Organic Chemistry
At a Glance: Chemistry Today 2017
Chemistry Musing Solution Set 53