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Arts Illustrated is an Indian based arts and design magazine dedicated to understanding the contemporary arts landscape and creating a more inclusive ecosystem for the arts in the country. It delves deeply into the visual arts and design narrative, offering a global and contemporary perspective to subjects, information and ideas that we believe, need to be heard by a larger audience. Our endeavour is to create an exciting read that reflects our ethos to inspire, evoke and enrich our readers. Our visually laid out chronicle of the creative landscape is published bi-monthly (once in two months) and is available across 12 key cities in India.

What happens when you tell a story backwards? Does the meaning change? Or does it merely change its order? There is something irresistible about mixed up sequencing, about non-linearity, and the creative energy that comes with it, about the retracing of steps to discover something new.
This issue of Arts Illustrated we look at what it means to ‘reverse’ an idea, a process, an ideology, an expression in art – what are the questions that come up, the journeys we are compelled to take, the realities that suddenly become visible, and perceptions that reveal their layers. We look at artists who walk this path with consciousness even if the revelations that come up are unexpected, sparking a dialogue that is deeply individual, urgent and relevant to the times we live in.

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