Food & Beverage Business Review - April - May 2018

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Food and Beverage Business Review – This is a bi-monthly magazine covering the entire gamut of activities that define the institutional F&B business - from "Farm to Fork", right from agricultural produce and meat products to dairy, food processing & bakery, beverages, equipment, cuisine, marketing and other related issues. The magazine goes behind the scenes to give the F&B professional, information, news and features about the business. The objective of the magazine is to develop a proper institutional marketing synergy between Food & Beverage, Food processing, Foodservice & the Food Retail industry. The range of articles covers food service, processing, food retail, equipment, theme & design, technology, food hygiene, marketing and training etc. Partnering with vendors, the magazine informs the target audience of new developments thus saving their valuable time and money. The magazine reaches to individuals who have titles of chef, F&B Manager, menu planner, restaurateur, bartender, sommelier.etc. In the food service industry; channel buyers, category managers in major organised retail chain stores, importers and distributors.

Here we have briefly covered some of the myriad exciting and timeless regional flavours of Indian cuisine. The crucial role of spices in Indian cuisine is also discussed. The happening trend towards healthy dining is being explored in our Business Story. The health attributes of edible flowers, the factors that need to be taken into account in food plating, the growing market of milk-based beverages in India are some of the other industry relevant topics discussed in the pages of this issue. The News, Report and Appointment sections together give an overview of the recent happenings across India’s food service industry

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