Bakery Review - October-November 2017

Business, Cooking
Bakery Review – This is the first and only bi-monthly magazine exclusively focused on the Bakery Industry in India. It presents the trends and the changes that the bakery industry is undergoing in the present day. The exclusive, much awaited information flow for bakers is the hallmark of Bakery Review. The magazine covers information from milling, to the loaf on the shelf at the bakery with special emphasis on technology, recipes, equipments, new trends and the superstars that make it happen. It focuses on new products, developments and launches including latest news, features, business stories and technical know-how from the world of baking. The readers are qualified individuals who have titles of Executive Pastry Chef, Pastry Chef, Senior Sous Chef – Patisserie, Managers as well as owners of bakeries and gourmet shops.

In this issue, we have covered the pizza market in India, the methods of baking pizza, the potential health benefits of pizza, and the growing trends of take away and home delivery in India’s pizza market. The Business Story deals with India’s impressively growing confectionery market, which seems to be ripe for innovative products. The continual shift in India’s tea and coffee drinking habits, which we are witnessing in the form of mushrooming of sleek tea lounges and coffee cafes, can also be of interest to our readers. Other industry relevant articles, news and events also contribute towards enriching the issue.