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CULTURAMA - July 2018

Art, Culture
A 17-year-old magazine which has the distinction of being the 'only' publication that gives a voice to expatriates and Indians alike, Culturama has a mission of promoting better understanding of the living Indian ethos. This full-colour free mailer, available in both soft- and hard-copy formats, provides thought leadership, cultural interpretations, tales and treats of the season, expatriate picks of city highlights, and tips from India experts. Plus, advertisements of unique hand-picked high-quality goods and services for the discerning expatriate and the high-net-worth Indian. All in a compact 80 pages!

The July edition of Culturama has a smorgasbord of delights. For movie and history buffs alike, we have a special feature that delves into the many ways in which India has been presented through the Hollywood lens - from Octopussy to Life of Pi, we see how India and Indians have been understood and presented by Western movie makers.
And If you are looking to know more about the Indians think and act, look no further - we have two special segments that touch on the values and forces that drive the behavior of people in this part of the world.
SPECIAL THIS MONTH: Are you new to Chennai? Or looking to explore more places in the city? We present to you a curated selection of places - ranging from restaurants to residential spaces, jewellery to travel - that are preferred by expats for their outstanding products and exquisite service.
We have much more - so, start flipping the pages now!
NOTE: Culturama aims to be environmentally responsible in all ways, and we are on a drive to Recycle and Reduce. If you are receiving multiple copies of Culturama, please inform us (; +91-44-2461 7902) and we will work to correct it.

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