Galatta Cinema - April 2018

Galatta Cinema magazine is the largest circulating English cinema magazine in India for South Indian movies. It offers a complete picture of the movie industry in the 4 Southern states of India – an exciting, urban, interesting and full-colour, glossy read any way you look at it!

Galatta Cinema assures an iPhone/iPad rich reading experience of all its 100+ pages in high fidelity that can be viewed anywhere in the planet where you read the replica of the latest print version of the magazine that is on the stands.

Flip through the pages, zoom in and zoom out to see your favorite columns and articles and drool over the amazing pictures that we have created especially for you.

We shall be continuously improving our Galatta Cinema iPhone experience so, please email us with your feedback at or post your reviews for our fledgling app.

April is extra-special for us at Galatta Cinema. It’s the month of our Anniversary Issue and we always try to cram in as much bigness into it as possible! And by that we don’t just mean basking in the sheen of mega-stars. It is also about celebrating the brilliance of people who have the potential to shine brighter.

We categorically steer clear of scandal, because we want to be a platform for the sublime. We don’t get our highs on rumours and gossip. Good people with innate talent and great passion working towards using cinema as a medium to transform the mundane into something spectacular: now that’s our kind of fix! This Anniversary issue we celebrate stars of all shapes and sizes for the kind of work they do, that makes our job worth doing!

Before you move on... Thank you for the support that has kept us strong. Thank you for the criticism that has made us stronger.

Au revoir!

Kaanchan Prashanth, Deputy Editor

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