The Caravan - January 2018

News, Politics
Based on months of reporting and research, The Caravan stories are crafted into dramatic narratives that employ pace, color, character and style to keep the reader hooked from start to finish, combining the excitement and immediacy of great fiction with real characters, real plots and real consequences.

The “alt-right”—a new white-supremacist movement—is gathering pace across the Western world, especially after the election of US President Donald Trump. At the centre of it is Arktos Media, a publishing house founded and fostered in India, that has organised meetings with powerful Indian politicians, and has links to radical right-wing parties across the globe. Its story is just one part of the overlooked Indian roots, both material and ideological, of the alt-right. Carol Schaeffer reports on the movement.

Also in this issue:
The dark history of the word “pariah”; what the right-to-privacy judgment means for India’s abortion law; India’s struggles over what counts as knowledge the booming wig trade between India and Africa; how the termination of drought relief will affect communities in Lesotho; and much more.