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autoX is the fastest growing automotive lifestyle magazine in India. Our focus is on visual appeal, through attractive layouts and photography, and our storytelling approach with an inclination towards humour, creates an emotional connect with readers. 
Our reviews meet the highest standards of editorial quality & integrity – and we are fortunate that readers rate the quality of our content among the best in the motoring world globally. We strive to put our readers in the driver’s seat of the most exciting industry in the country. 

Fuelled by passionate motorsport junkies and expert auto journalists; autoX brings to life the excitement and thrill we experience in creating unique content – this is where the fun begins! For us, motoring isn’t merely an activity – it is an art form that binds us and forces us to go beyond the ordinary. 
At autoX, you can expect ‘Pure eXcitement, No Bullshit.’ Everything we do is driven by: Heart. Soul. Passion and Emotion.

Our new July issue is out now and this one truly sticks to the concept of diversity for it packs in features and reviews of a varied spectrum of automobiles. From the rather special Ferrari 488 Pista that our Editor describes as the pinnacle of motoring, to the new Jaguar I-Pace which has emerged as the best electric vehicle on the market today.
And if the petrolhead in you is thinking that we have gone a bit soft, well we have packed in reviews on the G-Wagen complete with its twin-turbo V8 heart as well as the latest iteration of the W12 powered Bentley Continental GT. And if you are a more grounded petrolhead, we have also driven the EcoSport S that marks a comeback for Ford’s performance-oriented EcoBoost engine in its compact SUV.

Speaking of SUVs, the brand spanking new XC40 is all set to be launched here during the first week of July. And not only have we reviewed the car, but we have pitted it against its direct rival, the BMW X1 as well as two titans of the SUV business in India, the Fortuner and Endeavour. Why? Well, when the XC40 hits the market, its prices will hover a little above those of the top-end versions of its full-sized rivals. So, it’s a question of European finesse or butch appeal. Or perhaps there is more to it once you skim the surface…

We could go on and on but grab our latest issue out on stands now to read about all of the above as well as the new Honda Civic, Kia’s Carnival, Hyundai’s updated Creta and a whole lot more to stay updated about all things automotive.

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