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autoX is the fastest growing automotive lifestyle magazine in India. Our focus is on visual appeal, through attractive layouts and photography, and our storytelling approach with an inclination towards humour, creates an emotional connect with readers. 
Our reviews meet the highest standards of editorial quality & integrity – and we are fortunate that readers rate the quality of our content among the best in the motoring world globally. We strive to put our readers in the driver’s seat of the most exciting industry in the country. 

Fuelled by passionate motorsport junkies and expert auto journalists; autoX brings to life the excitement and thrill we experience in creating unique content – this is where the fun begins! For us, motoring isn’t merely an activity – it is an art form that binds us and forces us to go beyond the ordinary. 
At autoX, you can expect ‘Pure eXcitement, No Bullshit.’ Everything we do is driven by: Heart. Soul. Passion and Emotion.

To celebrate the beginning of 2018, we’ve put together an incredible issue this January. Kicking things off this year we wanted to find out if AWD technology has made today’s SUVs any better. We took the newest premium SUVs and pitted them against some hardcore 4WD models for our mega off-road test, and what we found out is more interesting than you could imagine. However, the most highly anticipated story in this issue is obviously our review of the brand new TVS Apache RR 310. We got to pound it around the Chennai race track and have some important thoughts about the new entry-level Indian sports bike that was built with the help of BMW. We also visited the LA Auto Show and got up close with the new Jeep Wrangler while we were over there. For our hardcore enthusiast readers, we got to drive the new manic BMW M5 that now gets 600 horses and AWD for the first time. We also compared the Skoda Octavia RS, VW Polo GTI and the Mini JCW Pro Edition against each other for the ultimate enthusiast car shootout in India. For the environmentally conscious, we also got into the driver’s seat of the new BMW i3. If all of this scintillating content isn’t enough to feed your appetite, we also drove the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, Lexus NX300h and the Volvo XC60. We also bring you the latest news from around the world including information on the all-new Suzuki Jimny that will make its global debut in 2018. There is enough action in here to put the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise to shame. So, we hope you enjoy the first of many issues that will be filled with even more heart, soul, passion and emotion in 2018.

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