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Tinkle is a monthly English-language comics magazine for children and for the young-at-heart. Home to popular evergreen toons such as the ever-unemployed goof Suppandi, the hunter-turned-conservationist Shikari Shambu, the power-hungry vizier Tantri the Mantri, and the witty do-gooder Kalia the Crow, Tinkle has had a story for everyone for the last 35 years.

Comics, being a visually appealing medium, is the best way to introduce children to reading. Tinkle makes sure that it showcases stories across all genres—from humour to social drama to adventure and fantasy—to ensure that each reader finds something interesting, that will lead them to explore more books of that genre. Tinkle's latest venture into the superhero-action genre, the series WingStar, has garnered much praise across the country.

A 2013 study conducted by a research team at the University of Oklahoma shows that comics help in better memory retention. Mr. Anant Pai and Mr. Subba Rao, guessed this secret in 1980, and founded Tinkle. Since then, the magazine has stayed true to its tagline, 'Where Learning Meets Fun'. Besides captivating stories, it boasts a vast repertoire of informative features, analytical and visual puzzles, vocabulary building games, and fun-based science columns that are not only great knowledge boosters but also tremendous help during school projects**.

Tinkle also nurtures the creativity and individuality of its readers by publishing their stories, poems, artwork and opinions in the magazine. In fact, in the recent 35th Anniversary issue, almost all the stories were sourced from the readers! 

Awards and Accolades:
India’s only All-Comics Magazine for Children – Limca Book of Records
Winner of Best Publication for Children Award – Comic Con India
Recognition for Special Contribution to Indian Comics over 30 years – Comic Con India
(Home to) The 'Best Continuing Graphic Series', Dental Diaries, the comically horrifying saga of a fangless vampire – Comic Con India

**As per reader feedback

What’s Special?
Set sail in the ocean of fun stories and features with Tinkle!
• On International Left Hander’s Day, join Ananya’s two friends who’ll make her see the world from a different lens in Left Out!
• Celebrate Friendship Day with Know-It-Alls Sam and Mynah. Read as these two eternal rivals tell you all about some of history’s most famous Friends Forever.
• This Independence Day let your Curio’sea’ty rein free. Tag along with Remi as she tries to uncover the secret behind strange disappearances at sea.
• Unleash your inner artist and writer in the exciting Tinkle GagStar Contest!

Also Starring:
Join Hujli’s wily minister, Tantri as he welcomes the queen mother in Tantri the Mantri: Mama’s Boy with disastrous results. Help Doob Doob find his defence mechanism in Kalia the Crow: Defence Dilemma. Discover what’ll happen when The Warlock’s Ghoul enters a talent show. Indulge in some Self Reflection with Bani and Toni as they enter the topsy-turvy Mirror World. And help Billy escape a deadly virtual world in Dental Diaries: Ever After?!

* การสมัครสมาชิกจะเริ่มนับจากนิตรสารเล่มแรกเท่านั้น

* TrueBook ให้บริการเฉพาะ ebook เท่านั้น หากท่านต้องการแบบรูปเล่ม กรุณาติดต่อสำนักพิมพ์โดยตรง หรือหาซื้อได้ตามแผงหนังสือทั่วไป

* ราคารวม Vat แล้ว


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July Second 2018
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