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FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal - March 2018

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FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal is published 8x a year in English. The magazine provides the food & beverage processing industry in South East Asia with the latest information and technologies on ingredients, processing and packaging, food safety and regulatory issues. It offers practical solutions to improve productivity, reduce cost, and turn innovations into real competitive advantages as well as the latest market information, trade show reviews and videos, and people and company profiles, written by industry experts and correspondents across the region. Also included are exclusive content and articles from industry professionals throughout S.E. Asia and from Ringier's family of food industry magazines covering Greater China region, the Middle East and other parts of the world, inclduing International Food & Beverage Ingredients News for China, China Food Manufacturing Journal, Food Manufacturing Journal-Middle East and Modern Food Processing (India). The interactive content allows readers to make direct and immediate contact with advertisers/suppliers and featured companies in the editorial by clicking on the web site and email addresses in each issue, access online content in Ringier’s food website in English and Chinese (, and avail of video content through iTunes and Google Play.

HOW do you define innovation and how do you keep it alive in your company?In our special report, Dr Mif ora Gatchalian, CEO of Quality Partners, Inc., does a run-through of innovation management, from def nition to product development. She says, “There are various approaches to innovation which are useful in the food industry and depending on the company’s strategic plans, a proper choice can be made. Current f ndings indicate that the ‘radical’ type of innovation gives the highest returns on investment.” Note that innovation does not rest on one department alone. Read more on page 10.An aha moment can lead to a major innovation, one that can change what we eat or the way we eat it. Take Mathias P. Clausen’s curiosity of turning jellyf sh into something munchy like potato chips. If you’re not familiar with Clausen’s work yet, read the article on page 33. This postdoctoral fellow at University of Southern Denmark in Odense, is on to something.Also in this March issue, we bring you trends and developments in liquid products – liquid foods and liquid smoke f avourings. Our interview with Sharan Balani, CEO of Rubiyat shows that the number of Indonesians seeking healthy food products is on the rise. And in an exclusive report for this magazine, Ricola, the Swiss company behind popular herbal confectionery, shares why its conf dence in Bosch Packaging Technology has not waned not even after over 40 years.

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