SCREAM: The Horror Magazine - Issue 49

The world's scariest publication, SCREAM MAGAZINE – brings you everything from the world of horror, and is guaranteed to make you shiver. Blood, guts, gore and more!

SCREAM Magazine covers horror in all forms, whether film, TV, book, game or comic. If you’re after zombies, vampires (the proper kind mind you, no sparkly one’s here, thank you!), ghosts or ghouls, this is the place to find them. Each issue takes a well-written, informative approach to covering our favourite subject, including insightful articles, reviews, previews, interviews with horror's biggest names and several behind the scenes features and set-reports of some of horror cinema past and present greats alongside some gruesome pics and an entertaining yet expert review section covering recent DVD/Blu-ray releases.

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ALLIGATOR -John Sayles, Robert Forster and Robin Riker talk killer reptiles!
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE - Italy's 1970s and ‘80s cannibal movies revisited
THE GORGON - Hammer's dark fairy tale examined
FAYE OF THE TRIFFIDS - Janina Faye recalls navigating a world in which deadly plants (almost) took over…
HEREDITARY - Ari Aster and Alex Wolff talk accursed ancestry!
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Eric McNaughton ventures down to the cobwebbed catacombs beneath the Paris Opera House
DR. TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS… - The Amicus years...
SEQUENCE BREAK - Back in the ’80s, they said video games could warp your mind. In the present day, they’re right...
UPGRADE - Leigh Whannell talks killer machines!
NIGHT OF TERROR - Gerard McMurray talks The First Purge
RETURN OF THE GOBLIN KING - Legendary composer Claudio Simonetti talks DAWN OF THE DEAD, DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA
Plus: News, Reviews, Features, Columns, Comics, Photography, Previews, Retrospectives and much, much more!

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The Best of SCREAM The Horror Magazine Vol. 2

The Best of SCREAM The Horror Magazine Vol. 2
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