Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine - April/May 2018, Issue 67

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Founded in 2006, Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine is packed full of inspirational content from all aspects of kustom and lowbrow art and lifestyle.Explore the world of Kustom Art & Lifestyle with Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine. A bi-monthly extravaganza of all things Pinstriping, Airbrush, Tattoo, Pinup & Burlesque, Lifestyle and much much more

We think you’re going to like this issue, it’s filled with some truly impressive art, including; the intricate work of Le Roi Soleil- a custom built motorbike inspired by the Grille Royale of Versailles. The expressive work of Andy Caddick shows the real beauty the airbrush can deliver and the last in our Petersen series, brings you the stunning transformation of a 1950 Chevrolet sedan. For the pinstripers, we have some striking lines from our cover girl; Denise Mosley, aka Doll Kustom. Herb Martinez talks something a little different and brings us news of the Von Dutch winner 2018.

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February/March 2018 Issue 66- 11th Anniversary edition

February/March 2018 Issue 66- 11th Anniversary edition
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