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Catering for all aspects of R/C flying, Radio Control Models and Electronics first appeared in May 1960 and is the biggest and best selling monthly model flying magazine in the United Kingdom with a large overseas readership. RCM&E has brought benchmark levels of writing and photography to the hobby and each issue has extensive reviews, informative features and opinionated columns from a number of well-known contributors. With every Print issue you'll find a high-quality free plan along with an accompanying build article. RCM&E publishes 13 great issues a year.

Free plan feature - Cone of confusion - To accompany the plans for his evergreen Panther, Rich’ Harris joins Cali Munro to explain the appeal of the autogyro. Dogfight duo - Tony Nijhuis recreates a pair of Korean war classics with this 26in, EDF-powered Mig-15 and F86 Sabre. “If you ask me...” - In the virtual clubhouse of RCM&E’s reader surveys, Graham and David Ashby eavesdrop on the conversations about our hobby. First-person view - John Lancaster tells a behind-the-scenes story from C4’s recent RC re-enactment of the Battle of Britain. Missing ingredient - Brian Winch searches for modelling’s missing material - stainless steel tube. Simple pleasures - David Ashby reviews Cambrian Model’s soarer, an ‘80s design that has passed the test of time. Warbird rescue - Ian Nash restores a Hangar 9 MkIX Spit re before adding wear-and-tear weathering ef fects, and a touch of LED magic. Reap what you sow - Rebuilding Britain: the summer of ’18 brought drought for Team GB at the scale world championships. What now for UK F4 scale? And much more!

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Model Flying Workshop Special
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