RCM&E - July 2018

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Catering for all aspects of R/C flying, Radio Control Models and Electronics first appeared in May 1960 and is the biggest and best selling monthly model flying magazine in the United Kingdom with a large overseas readership. RCM&E has brought benchmark levels of writing and photography to the hobby and each issue has extensive reviews, informative features and opinionated columns from a number of well-known contributors. With every Print issue you'll find a high-quality free plan along with an accompanying build article. RCM&E publishes 13 great issues a year.

FREE PLAN FEATURE - FLEA-FLI - Shaun Garrity revisits Phil Kraft's classic ‘Old Orange Trash’ & RENAISSANCE - It's time to build the model you've seen taking shape over the last six months, Lindsay Todd's low-winger combines a classic appearance with great flying traits. In reviews we have: SPITFIRE – Flightline RC's fine Mk.9. SEAGULL MOSQUITO PT.2 - Danny Fenton gets some air under the Mossie's wings and more! CURRENT AFFAIRS - Kicking off a new series, Dave Burton looks at how to make sure the magic smoke stays in the wires. WHAT CAMERA? - Lee Schofield assesses the latest batch of first person view cameras. SILENTWINGS - Simon Cocker reports from the national centre's first aertow meeting. PLASTIC SURGERY - Bespoke 3D printing meets a Great Lakes bipe and much much more!

* การสมัครสมาชิกจะเริ่มนับจากนิตรสารเล่มแรกเท่านั้น

* TrueBook ให้บริการเฉพาะ ebook เท่านั้น หากท่านต้องการแบบรูปเล่ม กรุณาติดต่อสำนักพิมพ์โดยตรง หรือหาซื้อได้ตามแผงหนังสือทั่วไป

* ราคารวม Vat แล้ว


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Model Flying Workshop Special
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