Royal Britain Presents Royal Life - Issue 34

Royal Britain presents Royal Life is the premier magazine in the world about the British Royal Family. Featuring all the latest news and great pictures of the Royals wherever they may be in the world. Royal Life brings it all together to give you a diary of their lives which you will want to keep for generations to come.

So here we are in 2018 and Her Majesty the Queen is more popular than ever. As indeed are her grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, who have helped change the way that modern folk view the monarchy. There’s no surprise there for us, or indeed any other true Royalists out there.

Prince William has a lovely wife in the former Kate Middleton, and two delightful children with a third on the way in April. Now Prince Harry is set to marry beautiful American actress Meghan Markle – a happy union that will surely cement that ‘special relationship’ between two great countries even further.

We feel that Prince Harry has made a wise choice. Meghan is already used to the glare of publicity and is mature enough to know what she is getting into by becoming a member of the Royal Family ‘firm.’ It also helps that everyone loves Prince Harry and Prince William, who surely deserve happiness after what happened to their mother, and to put it in British parlance they seem very decent young chaps.

Even Prince Harry’s wild Vegas days are easily forgivable considering his background as a serving soldier and the tragedy he went through in his youth. He’s certainly not put a foot wrong since, and who out there is churlish enough not to want to see him find true happiness with the right girl? We think he has made the perfect choice, and we can’t wait to bring you our Royal Wedding special later in the year. It may be a smaller wedding than that of Prince William and Kate, but it will be a truly spectacular affair nevertheless.

Included in this issue:

Celebrating The Festive Season: The Royals At Christmas
Royal Life News
A Royal Romance: A Big Year For Prince Harry And Meghan
Meet The Royal Warrant Holders: H.R. Higgins
Challenging Times Ahead: A Busy Diary For The Cambridges
A Partnership Initiative: Prince Charles and Camilla On Tour
Celebrating Another Year of Service: Long May She Reign Over Us
Ambassador Of The Waves: Remembering The Royal Yacht

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