International Property & Travel - Volume 25 Number 3

International Property & Travel covers the world's finest property, hotels, cars and lifestyle. From beautiful island villas to penthouses in the most desirable cities, the magazine caters to your luxury aspirations.

The latest issue of International Property & Travel magazine is an ‘Islands Special’. It combines stunning island and waterfront homes for sale, superb holiday resorts, spas and hotels, supercars, watches, jewellery and accessories. Art lovers and collectors will also find advance notice of forthcoming exhibitions, auctions and fairs across the world.

With a dedicated focus on everything to complement the most luxurious lifestyle imaginable, this issue is full of inspirational ideas. We start outdoors by featuring a range of different fountains and water features which will add a sense of movement and beauty to all manner of landscapes. Continuing this theme, three award-winning designers then offer advice on bringing the outdoors inside via sun-filled garden rooms and orangeries.

As for our main focus on island homes, we feature stunning examples in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Sweden and Dubai. Glorious views and numerous opportunities for sailing and other water-related activities abound from each and every one. Alongside these features we’ve also suggested fabulous hotels enabling you to explore each area thoroughly before you decide where to buy.

Should you prefer city life to an island retreat, we have also included two articles on London. The first focuses on new-build properties in and around the capital, while the other suggests that renting a high-end property could prove an excellent way to discover which part of London suits you best.

Last but far from least, we have introduced International Property Citizenship Services to assist readers who would like to find out more about Citizenship by Investment Programs. In this particular issue we offer advice on second citizenship in Antigua and will cover other destinations offering similar programs each time.

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Volume 25 Number 2

Volume 25 Number 2
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