GameOn Magazine - Issue 107 - September 2018

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GameOn Magazine is a video game magazine that focuses on everything gaming including, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
Reviews of games out, previews of games not out yet, interviews with development teams and gaming article, each month is packed with over 30 different features.

Welcome to the September issue of The GameOn
Magazine! We’re preparing to put the barbecue away,
but not before our triumphant “Back from gamescom”
party! Unfortunately, due to when we have to send this
to the digital printers, our gamescom content won’t be
in this issue. Come back next issue, though, and you’ll
certainly find it.
So what do we have this issue to tide you over? We have
some articles, such as Ethan telling us what happened to
Mindjack, and Matt playing Star Fox Guard. There’s also
my big Diary of Total Overdose, which is basically a textbased
Let’s Play, and a few others.
We also have an interview with Mike Phillips, the
developer of the latest game to hit the Mega Drive,
Tanglewood. He also talks about the difficulties in
creating a brand new game on 20 year old hardware,
and is well worth a read.

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