GameOn Magazine - Issue 99 - January 2018

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Happy New Year, everyone! That’s right, it’s the January
issue of The GameOn Magazine! 2018s first quarter
looks to be filled with good stuff that we’ll no doubt be
covering in the coming months, but before that we’ve
got to write about the rest of 2017s games, some of
which you probably received as Christmas pressies!
Most of our articles are impressions from MCM that
Owen insisted we hold back until they were all ready.
However, we also have Nikholai’s coverage of what he
saw at the Sweden Game Conference and a couple of
other bits.
While he was at MCM, Owen also had a sit down with
two of the people behind the upcoming Little Witch
Academia: Chamber of Time in our featured interview.
We’ve got a few gamescom previews from Marcello and
Calum, but Nathan has been working his rear off , visiting
the Regions of Ruin and Wrongworld, only to Party Hard
2. Finally, Olly started some Medieval Kingdom Wars,
and Kayla sailed the Iron Tides.
Meanwhile, in the reviews Nikholai tried to work out
what ELEX meant and Kayla went for some Flix and Chill
2: Millennials while Tyler dropped in on The Jackbox Party
Pack 4. Blake couldn’t stop shouting Oh My Godheads,
Andrew could only see Indygo and Alex fought the
Warriors All Stars, but everything calmed down after
Olly had his Cat Quest. There are loads more, but I don’t
like to repeat writer’s names, it just makes them uppity.