girlworks - July - August 2015

Young Adult
girlworks - the magazine for smart girls aged 11 - 16

girlworks offers a content-rich publication, 56 (or more) pages, covering 10 topics:
Girls in the world - discover a new country and a girl or woman of influence from that country
Careergirl - review a new career option in each issue
Science & Technogirl - the latest in science and technology
Art & Design - including your fanart submissions
Health & Beauty - tips to help any teen
Fashion & Style - the latest trends and fashions
Sports & Fitness - get moving and find a sport that interests you!
Entertainment - movies, dvd's, games (including Indie), book reviews by Ellen, Cassie & Sabrina (teens just like you)
Moneygirl - how to manage & budget your money
Quizzes & Games - brainteasers, quizzes for girls and more!

girlworks respects girls and young women. We offer a magazine full of diverse content for the teen who might be just a little tired of magazines that publish articles such as "How to look good for your boyfriend!" or "Change your hair color, change your life". We assume that a lot of young women read at an adult level (or nearly), have a LOT of interests and want to be educated and informed.

And respected!

Our magazines are free of advertising and any product you see in our publication is chosen by our Editors - not paid for by advertisers.

So, get hip, get savvy and get real with girlworks!

Enjoy this packed issue - great for summer reading.
Go to Hungary and explore this young democracy. Read about the life of the incredible Beyoncé. Go for a bike ride and take some pictures to post on Instagram after learning the rules of the road, and when you get home, give yourself a soothing summer pedicure while wearing your AWESOME onesie.
Have some fun with quizzes and games such as Spot the Differences, What Type of Pet are You?, Shannon Says and Embarrassing Moments.
If you enjoy art and design, you will love reading about the Renaissance painter Raphael.
Get hip, get savvy, get real with girlworks.
The magazine for smart girls.

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