Australian Cupcakes and Inspirations - Volume 5 No 1

Hobbies & Craft
We have some creative ideas for you to try. Creative cupcake ideas and some delicious chocolate creations to make. Clever tutorials tips tricks and ideas for you to create an incredible masterpiece. Cheack out inspiring themes for you to use at your next party or function. Treat the kids to some good old fashioned party fun! Ensure you don't miss out on any issue.

Australian Cupcakes and Inspiration - Vol 5 No 1

* Frutti Tutti
* Reindeer Cupcakes
* Pavlova Cupcakes
* Bees Knees
* Individual Christmas Cakes
* Out Back Road Signs
* Cupcake Lace Toppers
* Orange Jelly Slices
* Marshmallow Candies
* Easy Kids’ Chocolate Lego Pops
* Delicious Vanilla Cupcakes
* Ginger Ripple Christmas Dessert Log
* Beach Bucket Cake
* Red Velvet Cakes With Chocolate Stars
* Christmas Chocolate Coated Oreos
* Florentines
* Bubble Mint Slice
* Watercolour Cake
* Decorating Gingerbread Cookies
* Peanut Brittle

* Royal Icing Sugar Piping
* Stars & Shapes on Wires
* Cupcake Shapes
* Pretty Floral Cake